Can She Play Solitaire?

16th Jan 2020, 9:48 AM
Layabout Buttercup

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Author Notes:

16th Jan 2020, 9:48 AM

You know, she's actually not capable of much computation unless connected to a more specialized computer.
She can use a calculator and run simple script for various functions of her chassis related to the ship,
as well as change output language on the fly,
but beyond that, there's only enough space for a bare-bones OS and a desktop picture.

This is standard practice with any robot however:
Earlier models which ran their own fully functional computers would forget to leave their own heads for days at a time,
and in some worse cases, all external input was shut off so they could play more of their games without being interrupted.
Now many head computers float around in secondhand markets, though they're not being bought because neither organic nor
inorganic sapient wants the back half of a robot brain for their desk job.

SDG, everyone.

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