Lecture Into The Abyss

11th Jul 2021, 8:00 AM
Panda in a Panic

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Author Notes:

11th Jul 2021, 8:00 AM

I don't honestly think they're any weirder than most kids of approximately 10 years of age.

Soli Deo Gloria


11th Jul 2021, 4:44 PM

I am honestly surprised that the colony does not have a Light Utility Off Road Vehicle. Yamri probably had it put into Storage once the base "Village" was Placed.


Or she took it apart and used the pieces for a project or three.

11th Jul 2021, 6:25 PM

She's definitely a good scrounge to keep the colony machinery (and most importantly, the thaumoelectric power plant) working.
That vehicle is entirely spare parts at this point.

On the other hand, what do you think she was working on in this page?

13th Jul 2021, 4:21 AM

If they basically got a standard colony pack when they left, they might have had several.

The problem is on a planet like this it would be of dubious value. "Off road" is a bit of a misnomer, you need a tracked vehicle(complex, expensive maintenamce hog) for true off road. A jungle is not friendly for vehicles when there are no paths, and few vehicles will be immune to some the beasties trying to make a meal of them.

13th Jul 2021, 8:05 PM

I think you are overestimating the preparedness of this colony.
While they certainly wouldn't have started from nothing, with at the very least some machinery to manufacture parts, tools, and other simple equipment to help conquer their surroundings, they were more of an evacuation than an expedition. But then again, that's some background information that I will probably get to later in the story.

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