Thanks for swinging by! I've got a lot of VHV related art to show you, some of it even made by friends!


Let's begin with a deep, DEEP dive into the first concept that would become VHV. My twin brother and I, before we could really even code or model seriously, started working on a project that was ultimately far more ambitious than anyone should ever aim for with two people. You know the type: One of those insanely ambitious games that would take forever to create and is far more fun to plan than it is to actually execute. My twin brother and I have one of those right now, actually. (as of the year of 2020)
And with this little project, Will and I had a lot of fun for a long time, but it did all end in an unfortunate and very upsetting, but ultimately understandable and reasonable cessation of the project, as is a common occurrence with me historically.
Eventually I'd get to a project that I could keep going on, but that would be a long time coming- I made this picture back in 2012, after all!



After that, I had a couple years of experimenting and aiming for something nebulous before I finally hit upon an idea in I think 2014.
I will go on record saying that this comic is God inspired, but it did take a little while to get into the swing of things (Click the link for the whole story in the author commentary!). Anyway, VHV ran in an early form for a not insignificant amount of time before I decided to start over, giving you what you see now. I have all of these files on my computer, thankfully, but this is probably the first time they're all cleanly in one place and unedited!
Have yourself a read. If you're caught up on my comic through Chapter 1, you'll notice the story beats haven't changed that much. I'm thankful for where I am, but this early VHV really takes me back to some happy times.


Moving on to general curiosities, some of my earliest fans, of which there are not many, probably knew that Mia had a husband at one point. You can probably even see where in the archives these pages might belong if you do some sleuthing.
He was a favorite of mine in my concepts. Too much, as it turned out. I could never figure out what to do to balance him out a little, so now he remains as a future, and most notably, unwed character. I intend to use Andrew at some point, but I know not what form he will take.
Now, if we're honest, Mia has filled his "role" as the "too-much-of-a-favorite", but I'm not taking her out too. I'll make it work. XD


Fan Art


I have a couple good friends who contributed most of this to the fan art portion of the gallery, but lately I've been getting fanart from others!
For fairness' sake, I'm not going to include art I paid money to receive in this section.


Crossover Art


While I'd love to show you my entire gallery, we have a few places for that.
Crossover pictures are a fun way of exploring my characters. :)